Cell phone charging stations

There are multiple free cell phone charging stations for customer use at the Messe Freiburg exhibiton center. These are located in hall 4 ( catering level) ad in the foyer. The charging station can be locked and are compatible with all typical cell phone models. Each charging locker is equipped with the follwing:

  • 1x micro USB B and 1x USB C charger for android
  • 1x certified iPohne 5/6/7 charger
  • 1x lock with customizable number combination

Messe Freiburg Free WiFi

Please note the following information:

  • You will need a wireless-enabled device using the international wireless standard IEEE 802.11a/n in order to use the WiFi.
  • The maximum speed is up to 1 Mbit/s per device - however, the actual speed may be lower depending on the number of users.
  • Full coverage cannot always be guaranteed when there is a high number of WiFi users.
  • Mobile device users can go online free of charge for a maximum of 30 minutes.Using the WIFI for more than 30 minutes is subject to a fee of 5 EUR for another 3 hours, or 30 EUR for another 24 hours. Vouchers are available at the information desk in the foyer or via the online portal.
  • Is is possible to pay with both cash and credit card on-site. Online payments are only possible with a credit card.

Login Instructions

Premium WiFi

Should you require a higher bandwidth, we would advise you to purchase our premium WiFi via the online portal or from the information desk in the foyer. This grants access to high-speed internet without bandwidth limitations.

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